Saturday, 31 December 2016


The artist who was obsessed with Cilla Black
Took up residence in Drusillas Park where, night and day,
He produced images of the late Scouse singer—even in the dark!
Like many artists, commercial success eluded him,
But he found recognition of a sort becoming widely known as the man
Who drew Cillas in Drusillas, for sport.

Cilla Black enjoyed a long career,
Singing less often as time passed,
But always grinning from ear to ear.
The red-headed warbler who ended up presenting the TV show
‘Blind Date’
Was typical of the mediocrity the critics love to hate.
No bad reviews diminished her popularity even the slightest bit,
One can always rely on the British public to cherish the tritest shit.

For the fixated artist of Drusillas, Cilla was an idol second to none.
Although, ironically, the park was visited one day, by
Billy Idol, after a nun.
The artist’s adulation, pouring his heart into his work
Indicates how channelling his obsession saved him from going completely berserk.
Until, one day, he took his own life with precision and a palette knife,
Which he used to carve the initials: C. B into both of his carotid arteries!

Rich Seamfinder.

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