Friday, 11 March 2016


The Pavilion rhymes with a civilian
But has served no such class of person well.
The ‘vision’ of the Prince Regent
(Who truly was monumentally self-indulgent)
The Royal Pavilion’s Indo-Islamic appearance, designed by John Nash
Makes it an inferior Taj Mahal.
Approximately 400, 000 people a year visit the RP
This, we’re told, is good for the city.
It's is an economic truism no doubt
But finding Brightonians and other Brighton denizens
Who’ve directly benefitted in any way from this statistic…
Well, let’s just say the jury’s out.

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Anonymous said...

in these ART pieces, Julian, I see you, entirely, totally, extremely, simply, transparently and only you. very intresting, as usual. thank you