Monday, 4 May 2015


Participating in Independent Artists Open Houses Brighton & Hove 2015.

Welcome to the House of Cats. We are five artists united by our love of cats. Some of us paint them, some of us draw them, some of us sculpt them, some of us have them, some of us heal them, some of us have recently lost them. To all of us they are our inspiration and our joy.
As one of the oldest and greats in art and animal welfare said,
“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”
Leonardo DaVinci.
From Klimt to Colette the cat's musedom in art and literature has been infinite. We at the House of Cats attach ourselves to this multitude of feline inspired creatives. The house is also blessed with the presence of two lovely cats, Romanovich and Kiki.
We dedicate this exhibition to our recently departed, beloved cats, Jodie and Taz.
Elise Garnaut
Christine Oldman
Christine Campbell
Ruth Hedgecock
Maureen McCormack

Lost Cats Brighton recently helped to reunite us with our sweet Jodie so we would like to donate a percentage of our sales to them -