Wednesday, 18 April 2012


If Dracula were alive today, whether or not he was gay,
He’d probably be HIV positive.
Jesus would have to perform miracles,

in order to avoid being force-fed anti-psychotic medication.
I don’t think we’d hear a single peep from a latter-day Samuel Pepys.

And who’d have a need for Shakespeare,
now we’ve got Steven Spielberg and the Harry Potter franchise?

The old bard would give us the creeps.
The geniuses of old would be out in the cold,
unless they could play football.
It’s like we’ve had our fill of supreme talent and tremendous skill.
Mediocrities pedalling commodities can attain wealth and fame,
with no sense of shame, after cultural programming removes the blame.
An ethos of mundane materialism,
encouraging addictive consumerism,
has created a cultural nadir.
No idea can appear to stimulate interest
or penetrate the general indifference,
to everything unconnected with commercial rewards.

England is a free country inhabited by slaves,
enslaved by debts and regrets.
Entrapped by greed confused with need,
most people in the UK are stuck in futile jobs they hate,
achieving things other species don’t rate.
If Jesus came back late, nobody would wait.
If he does return, watch and learn:
He’ll rightfully/instantly own more property than anyone in the world.
Food for thought?
Now, my thoughts turn to food so,
not wishing to be rude,
I must go home and use my mobile phone,
to tell someone: ‘I’m on the bus.’