Friday, 8 October 2010


Platelets sounds like a property management team for items of crockery!
Perhaps it is about time they were catered for,
In general, our treatment of these objects is poor,
Especially in Greek restaurants where plates are smashed on the floor!
Yes, we take plates for granted it’s true,
But what else are we supposed to do?
We’re not exactly going to be bowled over by them, are we?
I’m not suggesting that we should revere them,
Although some people do…
I’ve seen plates hanging on the walls of their houses, like works of art.
That’s going too far in my opinion; still it’s up to them.
What I will suggest is this: Next time you’re served with a plate,
Don’t overlook this item with its helpful eating surface,
Just quietly acknowledge it by saying, ‘Thanks, mate!’