Saturday, 31 October 2009


So Prince Philip has made another gaffe! Big deal. Can anyone be surprised at this professional buffoon's aptitude for the faux pas? After all, the affluent cretin numbers falling from horses onto his head on a regular basis among his favourite pastimes, along with blood sports. I refer, of course, to the widely reported recent incident when the Duke of Edinburgh allegedly quipped to a woman called Patel that, 'alot of her family were also there.' While the humour of this remark is clearly feeble and obviously clumsy, I wonder if there would have been any reaction at all if he'd have been in Wales and said the same thing to a woman called Jones? Why is this? Why are the public seemingly programmed to visibly react to even remotely non-PC comments? It's almost like a conditioned (Pavlovian) response/reflex. Even if something is racist, why should we all protest so vehemently as if we are terrified that our silence implies our complicity?

Thursday, 8 October 2009


Salisbury, plain as the nose on your face,
Ever feel left behind in the human race?
Common ground can be found, especially on Salisbury Plain,
Not seeing wood for the trees—going against the grain.
Common sense is so often lacking,
Despite the brightness of brain;
It’s one thing pooling resources,
Providing resources don’t drain.
Being resourceful in seeking recourse to revenge,
As a last resort,
Near Salisbury, say at Stonehenge,
Can land you in court.
Playing fields, fields of green,
The greenest grass you’ve ever seen.
Tom Jones’ vocals, Welsh yokels’ local knowledge,
Unknown territory, Terry Tory’s lavatory,
Flushes the red from the green.