Sunday, 11 December 2016


The British Medical Association has issued a statement clarifying the position of ‘Doctors Against Diesel’ in an attempt to appease Hollywood star, Vin Diesel.

The BMA says in the statement that: ‘No one in the medical profession wishes to offend the famous actor. Their issue is an environmental one,’ it emphasises.
The statement follows rumours fuelled by unidentified mischievous elements seeking to capitalise on the macho actor’s potentially hurt feelings.

A spokesperson for a group who are currently speculating on the amount of concern Riddick star, Diesel may have as a result of a possible misunderstanding about medically qualified anti-pollution groups said: ‘Vin Diesel looks tough, but if he felt there is a group of British doctors who are against him, he might take it personally and suffer from lowered self-esteem.’
Sources close to Hollywood have indicated that the bizarre situation has cinematic possibilities. Perhaps the public will see a release in which ‘VD’ visits UK hospitals on a systematic killing and mutilation spree involving large numbers of doctors.

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Rick Owen's Weblog said...

OMG..... what if he now makes a film called "Diesel Against Diesel" and makes another billion or two?
Would he feel a lot better about it then?
I reckon the man doesn't give a monkey's about what a handful of British doctors, who may not be billionaires, think of him as long as his HUGE medical insurance keeps him healthy as well as ridiculously wealthy for the foreseeable future...
Just an opinion.